Mixed Doubles is the twelfth episode of the sixth season.


Plot 1: Tyreke wins four tickets to the Tony-winning performance Ragtime. He takes Ginger, Jordan and tamera as a double date. Tamera feels she can't hang out with Tyreke and Ginger without upsetting Tia, but she goes anyway.

Plot 2: Tia has a new boyfriend named Devlin . He has a interesting laugh that disturbs people such as Tamara, Jordan, Lisa and Victor.On the same night as Ragtime Devlin cancels their date because his grandfather got sick. Tia left alone goes with Ray to "paint the town" and they end up at Ragtime too.The show is sold out so they buy $300 tickets of the street. Which backfire so Ray complains to the manager.

Plot 3: Ray's old college friend, Victor Simms, comes back into town and Ray wanted to spend time with him. However Victor has his eyes on Lisa. Lisa was going to go to Ragtime with Nadine but Nadine cancelled so Victor stepped in as Lisa's plus one. Victor and Lisa sit in a box with Devlin and another girl, but they can't watch because Devlin is laughing like a hyena. So Victor goes to complain.

Plot 4: Devlin lied about his grandfather and cheated on Tia with a girl Tia met while waiting on the street for Ray to get tickets. Devlin unknowingly gets Tia free tickets because he was helping out Ray and didn't see Tia.

Plot 5: Tamara asks for JuJu beans which the workers didn't have. Then the worker went to his locker to get it but unknowingly shows it to Tia who doesn't like JuJu beans, so instead he sells it to the girl Devlin came with. Then Tamara asks for it after it was sold and the worker freaks out and runs to get some.

Starring Edit

Tia Mowry as Tia Landry

Tamera Mowry as Tamera Campbell

Jackée Harry as Lisa Landry

Tim Reid as Ray Campbell

RonReaco as Tyreke Scott

Deon Richmond as Jordan Bennet

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of Victor Simms