Raymond Earl "Ray" Campbell is Tamera's adoptive father. He runs his own limousine service.


Lisa LandryEdit

Lisa and Ray are total opposites. Ray and Lisa once accidentally kissed in the season one episode "The Concert", while dancing (only to find out that they were both thinking of their high school crushes while kissing). They dated shortly in season four. This ended at the beginning of the fifth season.

Tia LandryEdit

Though Ray is Tamera's adoptive father, he clearly aligns with Tia's personality as they are both intellectual and have more dignified personalities than Tamera and Lisa.

Ellen Campbell Edit

Ellen is Ray's wife. They adopted Tamera together but Ellen died shortly after. After 15 years Ray was still in love with Ellen and would not move on, which resulted in Ellen's appearance in the Season 4 'Guardian Angel' as a spirit who visits Lisa.