He is caring and nice. Tyreke is also smart and thats how he met Tia. A high school drop-out, after receiving his GED, he is permitted to graduate with the girls and Jordan, and later attends and gets a job as a security guard at the University of Michigan, where they attend college in the sixth season. He appears in Season 5 as a recurring cast member and is a series regular in Season 6.


Ray CampbellEdit

Tyreke was Ray's mechanic until season six when he followed the girls to the University of Michigan. They have a solid relationship. Ray gives Tyreke advice on things like his studies and girls. He was hesitant at first to let Tyreke and Tia date, but he quickly came around and accepted that they are a couple.

Tia LandryEdit

Tyreke and Tia's relationship started when she helped him find a book at Book 'Em, Joe. He is the reason she got a job there. After that they re-meet in Popular Mechanic, where Tyreke asks her out on a date. After that they went out until the end of season five, when they had a very brief breakup; but they got back together within the same episode. Five episodes into season six, they break up again; then when Tia wants them to go out again, this time Tyreke says no. They get back together once again when Tyreke says he loves her during a FreakNik concert (on stage). They have been together ever since.

Lisa LandryEdit

Tyreke obviously fears Lisa. On many occasions he just does what she says and tries not to anger her.

Jordan BennetEdit

Best friends with Jordan, who is dating Tia's twin Tamera. Tyreke is the gentler and even more timid counterpart to Jordan.


  • He was arrested for not telling on his brother when he stole a car.
  • he was 19 when we first met him so he is 20-21 in the last season.